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Clubs & Activities

At Elizabeth Finch School we are very proud of the extra-curricular programs and opportunities we have offered our students.

  • Art Club (Junior High)
  • AMA Patrollers (Gr. 5 & 6)
  • Choir (Div 2)
  • Craft/Crochet Club (Junior High)
  • Fury Flies GSA (Div 2 & Junior High)
  • Handbells (Gr. 6 & Junior High)
  • Intramurals (Elementary & Junior High)
  • Lego Club (Elementary)
  • Library Club (Div 2 & Junior High)
  • Workout Club (Junior High)

Students wanting to explore a shared interest are encouraged to approach their teachers to find one or two who are willing to sponsor and support new extra-curricular activities.